Thursday, January 5, 2012

Deep Cleaning

So do you have a deep cleaning routine? Or do you wait until Spring and go crazy? I wanted to share my deep cleaning schedule that I use and think is great.
This is how I schedule my cleaning, do what works for you. There are several ways it can be done. I first made a list of the rooms in my house. Then I listed what I wanted clean in each room. Then I broke it down into weeks. Each day of the week would have the items I wanted cleaned.

Week One - Family Room
Monday- wash curtains (Mondays are my laundry days)
Tuesday - wipe walls, ceilings and mop boards
Wednesday - wash windows and blinds
Thursday - clean light fixtures
Friday - vacuum furniture/clean closet

Week Two - Kitchen
Monday - wash curtains
Tuesday - wipe wall, ceilings and mop boards, on top of the fridge and behind the fridge and stove
Wednesday - clean out a kitchen drawer, fridge or freezer
Thursday - clean light fixtures, clean stove
Friday - wash windows/blinds

continue doing this with each one of your rooms. It takes me about 12 weeks to get through my schedule and then I start back with week one. Doing this makes it so my house is always deep cleaned and I don't have to wait until Spring to have that Spring clean feeling in my house. Like I said there are many ways to do it, you could wash all the windows in one day and wipe down all the mop boards one day. There is no right or wrong way. I like doing it this way because I like having a room complete and being able to move on to the next room the following week. And no worries if you don't get it done during it's schedule catch it next time. The first time is the hardest (dirtiest) after that it's just maintaining it and you can choose to skip items if they are needed or add new ones that weren't on the list.


  1. wow you wash curtains every week or i am not reading this correct?

  2. I love your blog!

    Could you add that feature where you can sign up to receive your posts by email?

    That way I can't miss any of your posts.


  3. Chris, I wash curtians in the designated room for that week, not every room has curtains. Hope that helps.