Monday, September 13, 2010

Fair Thank you notes

Derek ( my 8 year old) did lamb 4-H this year at the county fair. The lambs are sold at the end of the fair at an auction. A person buys the lamb and then sometimes the 4-Her's get people to boost the cost of their lamb. Derek had three people boost his lamb and with the sale price he make a good amount for his project, plus I think he had fun. To thank the people who bought and boosted we made thank you cards.
Yes, I like shaving cream projects! Step one is to mix equal parts glue and shaving cream and a little white paint together.

We wrote Thank Ewe on the card since Derek's lamb was a ewe.

Then place a small dob of the mixture on the card and form a sheep body

Add the head and legs

Glue it to the card and ta - da you have a thank ewe card that is ready to mail soon as it is dry.

The glue and shaving cream dry puffy and it is a fun texture. We use this mixture for other preschool crafts. Fun Stuff with the kids!


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