Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another Window Makeover

Okay, so here is another window makeover. I have one more window makeover and it's the one I am most excited for, but it has a lot of work needed done and a great story behind it. I hope I can show you in the next couple of weeks.

I started out with this - not sure what the rope was used for.
I removed the rope, sanded it and painted it.

I then sanded the edges and rubbed stain on the wood and the wiped it of, it gave it a nice vintage look.

I added knobs, one on the top to hang my wreath and three on the bottom of the window.

Added my wreath with a ribbon and hung.


  1. Love this window creation!! I am scanning your blog from Shanty 2 chic's blog!! Love all your ideas...great job!

  2. The rope was actually part of a pulley system to raise and lower the window......I had them in the house I grew up in and if the window had a broken rope you almosted needed a crane to open it! I LOVE what you do! Thanks for sharing!