Monday, November 8, 2010

Race Car Birthday Party

We had a party for Braxton's birthday and decided to a race car theme. I made race cars from gum, peanut butter cups and Hershey miniatures. I put mini oreo's in a snack bag and topped with checkered paper - they were mini racing tires. I also made pennant place settings.

The cupcakes were chocolate with white frosting and chocolate sprinkles, I added a checkered flag to each cupcake.

I made a birthday banner with pennants and crate paper.

Closer look at the banner.

We had four different "pit stops" for the games and I made flags for each pit stop. We played the games outside, so I pushed the dowel in the ground, they looked so cool, the kids loved running from pit stop to pit stop.
The first game we played was an obstacle coarse, we split into two teams and they had to run around tires and cones.
The second game was a tire relay. We had two teams and each kid would have to roll a car tire to the finish line and back until every kid had a turn.
The third game was bean bag toss in a tire.
The fourth game was red light, green light. I made red and green flags on dowels and they would hold up each flag.

We had a car pinata also. It was a really fun party!

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