Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Porch

This is how I decorated my porch this year. I had so much fun putting it together.
I had on old milk can that I use in my back yard, I grabbed it and put a fake pumpkin sitting on the top on the milk can, I filled the pumpkin with fall yumminess, and strung a leaf garland around the milk can.
I had an old window sitting in my garage, that I haven't got to yet and decided it would be great to add. I put a nail in the window and then hung a wreath from the nail and added a wood pumpkin to the wreath with wire.
I got this old wood crate from my grandma's house before is was sold. It was a future home in my youngest son's room which is currently being re-done. But in the mean time I thought it would be fun to put it on the porch. I added a nail to hang the berry wreath. I also added my cute 4x4 pumpkins that I posted about last week, if you missed it you can find it here.
And there you have it my fall porch!


  1. Looks great. Love the scarecrow and chunky 4x4 pumpkins. Great job.

  2. I am inspired! Time to do something with the courtyard...wish I had that milk can!