Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hair flower holder

One night I was looking at the Family Fun website, searching for some fun ways to get organized. I came across this idea to make a storage place out of a pizza box. The one on the web site was a lot different looking, but the idea is the same. They used theirs to hold jewelry, I am using mine to hold my daughters hair flowers. I hope that this will keep them clean and in one spot.

First I painted a large pizza box (it took a lot of coats to cover the print) then I cut off the tab things and reinforced the corners with tape
Then I cut some felt strips to glue inside the box

I glued the felt strips inside the box with one dab of glue on the top and one on the bottom to keep the flowers from banging and getting tangled

I used a piece of felt for a pull tab. I glued a piece of felt to the inside side of the box.

Now I have a spot to hang flowers and bows or what ever we create next!

I can hang it in the bathroom using small nails going through the back of the box into the wall.

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