Monday, August 23, 2010

Shaving Cream Art

Fair Week in Franklin County Idaho
Last week was our county fair thus my post on Monday and not Friday. We had a lot of entries (not as many as normal but still plenty). Derek (my oldest 8) had his first year in 4-H. he made P.J.'s which he got blue! archery, blue! dutch oven cooking, blue! Sheep, Blue and Blue! he participated in the dutch oven cook off and placed third, variety show and placed third, (so there was only four in his group) he drew pictures and built Lego's, decorated a cake, and entered veggies. Olianna (6) drew pictures, decorated cake, Blue! and entered veggies. She also participated in the variety show and placed fourth. Kesa (2) decorated a cake, Red! she painted a wood flower, red, entered veggies, and entered a picture that I will share directions with you. Quivon, my husband entered a frame that he made from old barn wood, Blue! I entered some crafts, fudge, and zucchini bread that received honorable mention. OK enough about us and the fair -here is the picture directions...

You need shaving cream, food color, craft sticks, and card stock
Put a pile of shaving cream on table

(no this is not a clean project, but it is fun)

dot food color on the shaving cream pile

swirl the colors but not to much

place your card stock on top of the shaving cream and gently press

Gently press and try to get shaving cream on all the paper

lift it up carefully

set your card stock on the table just beside the pile of colored shaving cream

rub across the paper with the craft stick scraping all the shaving cream off the paper revealing all the awesome colors on the paper- put the shaving cream in the pile for further play

OK so this picture is not even as cute as Kesa's, but hers is still at the fair. This just gives you an idea. My kids LOVED this project. Today I started watching a little girl (our school started today) she said, "my mom didn't tell me I was going to have this much fun at your house". I will have to think of some more great exciting activities for her now. HAVE FUN!!

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