Monday, August 16, 2010

County Fair Results!

Kelsey ended up entering 15 projects and Braxton entered 2 items, Whew!! I will explain a little bit about how 4-H county fair works for us here. The kids can be awarded as follows:
Blue - 1st place
Red - 2nd place
White - 3rd place
Purple - Best of Show
Green - State

The 4-H kids have to win a green state ribbon in order to compete in the State Fair. The goal Kelsey can get three ribbons on each projects; Blue, Best of Show and State. Drum roll . . . . Kelsey got 14 blue ribbons, 1 red ribbon, five best of show and nine state ribbons. She did awesome!! She was super excited to see how well she did. It gets a little nerve racking when entering, you want to do good, but it's all about someone else's opinion. Braxton received . . . blue ribbons on both his project. He was super excited, this year is his first year competing. With 4-H, they also earn money for each of the ribbons. So fun for the kids.

Recipe holder she made from this idea. She received - blue, best of show and state.

Glass pendant necklace. She got a blue ribbon.

Tied quilt - she got a red ribbon on this one.

Banana bread, she got blue and state. We were in such a rush to get the projects done and turned in on time that we forgot to take pictures of some of the projects, this is one of them, so I took this one at the fair.

Here's another project we forgot to take pictures of and will be posting more pics later, because it turned out so cute. It's a scrapbook made out of a 12x12 folder. Kelsey got blue, state, best of show. So since it went to state, we won't see it for a couple of weeks. But will be posting it when we get it back!

Yet another one we forgot to take pictures of was the Summer Activity Jar. It received a blue ribbon.

These are the cards that went inside the jar.

Cupcake table runner received, blue, state, best of show.

Clip board received, blue, best of show and state.
Kesley took this picture of her and her brother's feet, we got a 8x10 black and white copy and turned it in and it receive, blue and state.

Cake gift pack received, blue, state, best of show.

Kelsey made some of these balls and they received a blue ribbon.
When I was making these, Kelsey made one for fair and she received a blue ribbon.
Kelsey made these interchangeable flip-flops and received a blue ribbon.
Kelsey made a ton of these flowers and turned in about five of them and received a blue, state and best of show.

Another item that Kelsey turned in that we didn't take a picture of was a bottle cap necklace and put it in the "recycling" category and it received, blue and state. She did great, we are very proud of her and Braxton's accomplishments.

Now for Braxton:

He entered two items:
Cookie Caterpillar
And a key chain collection. Both receive blue ribbons.
Now the excitement starts again as we wait to see how Kelsey does in the State Fair!

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