Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Decorated Clip Board

I have been super busy getting my projects ready for county fair. Here is another project I have made for fair. I decorated this clipboard with scrapbook paper. I am so excited how it turned out. I really wanted to use black and white paper, but wasn't sure if it would be appealing. I love the outcome.

With the help of my mom I created this pocket to put some lined paper in for any time I need to make a note to myself. I also added a place for the pen to set into. I love the glitter on the paper!

I made a little address book to put my friends info in.

I made a place for a little note pad, for writing little notes. I love the paper clip that matches my paper. I added a flower at the top of the clip board with some ribbon and another clip that can hold anything I need. Love how it turned out. I'm getting excited for fair, I have five more days until I have to turn everything in. So I better get busy with my next item.

Kelsey - Jr. Critter

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