Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Calm and Relax

Today's craft was a special order made for my neighbor.  She picked the fonts and the paper and then I got to do the creating.  I think these would be so fun to personalize for kids' rooms.
I started with the letters. I cut them on my cricut. After the letters were done, I then chose what size I wanted each board to be and cut the paper out accordingly.
I then took my paper and  traced on the wood and cut out each piece.

I then figured out the placement of each board and drilled hoes on each side of the board.
I then glued 1/4" dowel pins into the holes.

I then glued all of the pieces together.

After the glue dried I then painted the edges and back of the boards, since the paper would cover the front.
I then mod podged the paper to the boards and then added eye screws to each end of the plaque.
I then tied jute to each eye screw.
My neighbor was very pleased with how they turned out. Which was a nice relief for me, since it's always hard when someone has a visual in their head and you try to capture it and reproduce it.

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  1. Gorgeous card love the layout and your colouring of the image is fabulous.