Friday, March 26, 2010

Flowers, Flowers and more Flowers

When my sister Cameo and I were talking about starting a blog to share our creations with each other and other bloggers, we were trying to find a great name for the blog and my family thought it was fun to come up with names for our blog. We had some funny ones. When we decided on "Craft Critters, My daughter asked if she could be a critter and we told her she couldn't and then we jokingly said that she could be a "junior critter". We all laughed and thought it was funny, but now that we actually sort of have this blog going she wanted to post as a "junior critter", so as our daughters create we will have them post as a junior critter, which I think will be a fun thing to have on our blog. Here is Kelsey with her first post:

Here is how to make a flower clips to put in your hair. I figured out what color of flower I wanted.

Then I took my flowers and pulled them apart.

I figured out what order I wanted my flowers to be in.

Then I took my brad and put it threw all of the flowers, then I put the brad threw the bottom of the clip and folded the prongs of the brad over the clip.

Then I took tape and put it over the brad and the bottom of clip so that when you wear it, the brad won't poke your head and the clip won't move back and forth off the flower.

This is what the flower looks like from the back, you can see that the tape is covering the brad and is holding down the clip to the flower.
Here is the flower when it is all finished.

Here is a red and black flower that I made.

Here is a black, yellow and white flower that I also made.

Here is an all white flower I made.

This is a white and purple flower I made.

Here is a pink and white flower I made. This was one of the first flowers I made.

Here are all the flowers I have made so far.

Here is a different variety of flowers that I also made.

Junior Critter!

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