Monday, June 14, 2010

A Different Kind of Paper Craft - Money Shirt

Now that it's summer (doesn't feel like it here) we won't be having our paper craft class. But I will continue to do "Monday Paper Craft" posts. Today's paper craft is a different kind of paper, it's MONEY. Since this Sunday is Father's Day I thought this would be fun to show. This pattern has been in the family for several years and I LOVE it. It's a fun way to give a monetary gift. I like my kids to make their gifts, so my oldest son helped me make this for his dad for Father's day. He help fold the money and picked the colors. You will need six bills - it could be what ever amount, it could be all ones, all fives, all tens or a mixture of each, whatever you prefer. I used 2-fives and 4-ones.

I cut 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" piece of card stock with a 1" x 2 1/8" addition for the collar, this will be the base to adhere the money to.
Take your first bill and fold it with the edges meeting in the middle. Fold the white ends in.Turn the bill over and adhere it to your base. I didn't use strong adhesive, so that it won't ruin the money when disassembling.

Do the same step for the other side.

Now take two more bills and fold them in half.
Place these in the middle of the shirt.

Now take another bill and fold it in half and then fold it to look like a collar.
Adhere it to the base. Take your last bill and fold it in half and wrap around the back and to the front, creating cuffs. (When I wrapped mine around, I did it inside of the base.)

Now add ribbon - which I just tied a bow towards the end of the ribbon and tucked the extra piece under the long piece of the tie, cut the other end to look like a tie. Added buttons to the collar and cuffs. You could put buttons down the shirt, But my son didn't want to do that part. There you have it, I think it's so fun and I know that my son is going to have fun giving this to his dad on Father's day.
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  1. You have some great ideas here! I featured this idea and your tool belt for Father's Day on my blog. Very clever!

  2. I read about this blog through Cameo- WOW you are so creative. I love looking at all the projects you are doing.

  3. I make these with animal buttons and a bow tie
    unicorns, meremaids, kittens, butterflies, etc.