Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Interchangeable Altered flip-flops

I saw this super cute idea at Make it and love, Ashley gives a complete tutorial on how to make the flip-flops. When I saw the idea I new immediately that I must make some for both me and Kelsey. But I had an idea that I wanted to add to the flip-flop idea. So not only can I change the ribbon each day, I made it so that I can change out the flower for every day. I put a velcro dot at the top of my flip-flops and put the other part of the velcro dot on the back of the flowers we made here and here.
Here is a look at the same ribbon, but different flowers:

I changed the ribbon and the flowers on this one.

And kept the same ribbon and changed the flower on this one. I love how stinkin cute these are and so fun and versatile. Kelsey has been wearing them to school and her friends LOVE them and every day they want to see how she has changed them to match her outfit. SOOOO fun.

I have a few more fun ideas that I am making with the flowers we have made so far. Will post SOON!

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