Thursday, May 6, 2010

Decorative Balls

I have seen lots of different kinds of decorative balls and wanted to make some for my decor. I think anything can be used. I used things I had around the house. I did one out of popcorn. I used a Styrofoam ball and hot glued popcorn all over the ball.
I then spray painted it. I looks so cool and my kids love the feel of it, they were joking that it would be fun to put it in the microwave to pop the popcorn . . . how funny.

This was a package of an item I purchase and decided to keep it and use it to make another kind of ball.
I took my Styrofoam ball and covered it with burlap.

And then using my hot glue gun I glued the netting to the burlap. It turn out cute and I love the textures.

I then spray painted one colonial white.

For these ones I blew up some balloons and use Elmer's glue and put the twine in the Elmer's glue and then wrapped around the balloon. When they were dry I popped the balloon and they were ready to paint.

I left some neutral and painted some black and . . . .

some red.

Put them all in my cute little container. I also added a few pine cones. You could pretty much use anything and they would be cute.

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