Friday, January 7, 2011

Old window calendar

Old Windows are so much FUN!!!
I need a lesson on uploading photos Caleen! Sorry some of the photos are out of order again.

I can keep track of birthdays and other events during the month. I have a smaller calendar that I can transfer info from as I put on the new months.

I found another use for old windows that can help keep my family on track (I hope). I needed a BIG calendar that I could write things on and have it so we could see it. I wanted to have it fun and part of the decoration of the house. We had another old window and this is what I did.

First I needed to clean the window. I like the old look it had so all I did is wash the dirt off. then I cleaned the glass on both sides. I made a practice grid on a paper and then copied it to the back of the window with permanent marker. Then wrote the days of the week on the back also.

I added a scrap book paper month banner (on the back of the window) that I can change each month. I wrote the numbers on the front of the window with window crayon so that I can change the days each month. (I hope that this is making sense)

Now I can use different colors of window crayons to put info on the calendar. When I wash the info off all I will need to add will be the numbers and add a new month banner.


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  1. Nice use of old window. You got me thinking I should do something similiar with an old mirror I picked up at a sale this past summer.