Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crocheted Flower Hats

As I promised, pictures of the crocheted hats I made for Kelsey. I found the free pattern here. I have never crotched in my life and I do have to say that it was pretty easy, although I did have mom my right next to me helping me along the way. The true test will be when I go to make one on my own, which I am pretty confident that I can, after all I did make three of them. This black one is my favorite. It was the last one that I did and I was able to perfect it, I crochet loose, so on this one I made sure to crochet tight and I loved how it is tight fitting and looks adorable on Kelsey. I will be putting a big black button in the middle of the white flower.

The green one was the second hat that I did, and let me just say that I learned a lot on this one. I love the two-toned flower (which my mom crocheted), I was in a hurry to get the hats completed before we went home, so mom helped out.

The pink hat was my very first crocheting project, and I am very pleased by the results. I did change the pattern a little bit. I added two rows rows of single crochet before doing the picots. The black and green I did three rows of single crochet before doing the picots.

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