Monday, December 6, 2010

Match Box/Cookie Sheet Christmas Countdown

This is our first Christmas in blog land and I wanted to show you this cute Christmas countdown that I made two years ago with a ton of help from a friend. I made it at the hospital while my kids were going through cancer treatments. I pretty much lived at the hospital, so this was nice to be able to feel accomplished and get some of my Christmas gifts done. Last year we made this for our Creativity class and was a big hit.

Found the match boxes at the dollar store, emptied them, which was hilarious, I emptied them at the hospital and was making six sets, so I had 144 match boxes that I emptied on top of my Thanksgiving ads, (the only place to use at the hospital is the tiny little food tray , so didn't have a lot of room, that's why I dumped them on top of the newspapers) the Doctor walked in and was a little shocked to see matches and newspapers, we joked that we were going to burn the hospital down. After the boxes were emptied I wrapped the boxes with strips of paper and glued them with my glue gun.

I then embellished the boxes and added a strip of paper inside each box with a scripture and an activity to do that day. I also put in a little candy inside the box. Hershey Treasures and
Hershey's miniatures work great. For the numbers I used stickers, stamps and the cricuit.

I glued a magnet strip to the bag of the boxes and painted the cookie sheet.

I then mod podged "December" onto the cookie sheet, punched two holes with my cropodile, and tied a bow to the top.
It's a little time consuming, but well worth the work.

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  1. OH SO CUTE. I wonder would the match bxes hold a bite sized hershery's treasure chocolate. Super cute. Jen

  2. I LOVE mine and I get so many complements about it - So many people LOVE this, I am gald that I have one and so are my kids

  3. So adorable! Great job. I love your blog and am a new follower! Stop by when you get the chance:

  4. I have seen these and always wanted to make one. I LOVE yours! SO cute:)