Friday, December 3, 2010

A Book A Night Until Christmas

We are starting a new tradition this year that I am so excited about. It will coincide with another tradition that we have been doing for many years. Every year we always get a new book for Christmas and we let the kids open the book and their new pajamas for Christmas on Christmas Eve and then we read our new book with scones and hot chocolate. This year I am adding the tradition of reading a Christmas book a night until Christmas. I gathered my books that we have gotten throughout the years (not quite 24), so I borrowed some from my mom. The library would work also. I have also included the new book for this year in with stack that will be opened on Christmas Eve. I then wrapped all of the books.

I was going to make cute little tags to go on the presents, but I am simplifying Christmas. I had a sheet of scrapbook paper that had numbers already done, so I cut them out and stuck them on the gifts.

Very simple and just as effective as handmade ones. I put them on each book and then stacked them in order of days to make it easy for the kids to get to each night. I am also going to add fun little things in a basket that goes with the book, I'm not able to do each and every book this year, but hopefully next year I will. So some of the items will be a bell for "Polar Express", an Orange for "Christmas Oranges", some hot chocolate and marshmallows for three of our snowman books, paper to write Santa a letter after reading "Letters to Santa", and I thought it would be fun to throw in some packs of popcorn and eat popcorn while we read the story.

We have started reading our books, and it is a hit! I love this little corner, I put these little trees up and the kids made salt dough ornaments and decorated them and hung them on these little trees. I incorporated Caitlynn's picture with it and it warms my heart every time I look at this little corner, to see the kids decorations, Caitlynn's picture and our new tradition all wrapped up underneath. I love Christmas, but it is a very tender time for our family. Caitlynn passed away almost two years ago. It will be two years on December 20th. Enjoy your families, take the time this holiday season to make cherished memories.


  1. I love this idea!!! You are so amazing! Also, Thanks you so so much for the countdown blocks, my kids love them, Olianna loves changing the day!

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