Thursday, June 17, 2010

Recipe Box

I have been working on getting my recipes all organized and put in my recipe box that I made last year. My daughter made one to enter into the fair last year and I liked hers so much I had to make me one. I found the tin box at a local craft store. Decorated it with paper and ribbons.The recipes you see in front of the Appetizers are needing to get laminated, just in case you wondered if I new how to alphabetize.

I made the tabs and the dividers and then laminated them. I love the laminating idea, since I am so messy and my recipes always have stuff spilled all over them.
I typed each recipe and then printed them onto card stock and then glued them to my recipe card (cut scrapbook paper) and then laminated them. On each recipe I am putting the name of the person of who's recipe it is. I want the recipes to last a long time and my kids will know where there favorite recipes came from.

These are the different patterns that I used.

This is the one that Kelsey made that inspired me. I can't wait until all of my recipes are typed and put in the cute box. It has been a lot of work, but way worth it.
Next week will be Jr. Critter week. There will be a post a day from the Jr. Critters.
Have a great Father's day weekend!

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