Monday, June 21, 2010

Junior Critter Week, Post 1 - Magnet Boards

This is Junior Critter Week - Junior critters are our older daughters and they will be the ones posting some of their favorite projects. I know our blog isn't very self explanatory, but during July all five of us sisters will be together to teach some of those that don't know how to blog and we will get an "about us" posted so that you can see who we all are and to learn a little bit about each of us and also who the Junior Critters are.

This is a magnet board that is bent metal and what it looks like and how it stands up. You can use this for a recipe holder, notes, or anything you wish to.
This is the front view of the magnet board to show the paper and the accessories.
These are magnets that I made just with small flower, brads, and magnets (sticky back kind.)
These are the flowers I have made for the magnet board.
This is a picture just showing the metal and how it was bent.
I saw this wood shelf at Roberts craft store and I thought how cute would it be to make it into a magnet board. So I decided to get it and match the paper and ribbon with my room.
This is just showing the sheet of metal that I used.
This is the wood shelf. I painted it white and covered the metal with paper, ribbon and inserted the metal into the frame.

Junior Critter

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