Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Junior Critter Week, Post 2 - Personalized, Accessorized Wood Letters

My mom, Caleen bought me these personalized wood letters to go in my room. I started by painting the wood letters, then traced the letters on scrapbook paper, cut the letters out, then I used mod podge to glue the paper to the the wood letters. After I let the paper dry to the wood I put accessories on the wood letters. Tada! On this letter I just added ribbon to the wood letter, and painted it purple.
On this letter I used different color buttons and white string to tie it together and painted it yellow. On this one I used different colored ribbon and painted it pink.
On this one I thought it was cute with the letters on the wood letter, and I painted it lime green.
On the letter "E" the paper had dots on it so I just added silver jewels to have a little bling, and I painted it white.
On the "Y" letter I just added different designs and colors of ribbon, and I painted it blue.

Junior Critter

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