Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Boy Bedroom Makeover

My youngest boys room needs a makeover so I am taking the plunge and I am so excited about re-doing his room and so is he. This is what his room looks like now. We are going to remove the chair molding. The room had a wall paper boarder around the top of the room, that's why you can see a white line. Once I started talking about the makeover with my little boy, there was no turning back he is so excited to get it going and so are we. He had to help remove the wall paper the same day we talk about what our plans are going to be.
We are going to take the car bed out and use a different bed. We are going to trim out the window with some molding.
This is on the other side of the window.
The next two pictures are my inspiration for his make over. Jaden loves dinosaurs and so we are going to do a dinosaur themed room. Love this dinosaur wall art from pottery barn. I am going to make my own for his wall. I will be doing three of these dinosaur wall art boards, with three different dinosaur images.
This picture is my paint color inspiration. Can you envision it? I sure can, and I am super excited to get started on this makeover.

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