Thursday, October 27, 2011

Black and White Pumpkin and We Have Hit 100 Followers

I want to welcome those that are new to this blog, we have hit 100 followers. This blog was set up for our sisters to share their craft creations with each other, since we all live in different states. It's exciting to see other people are interested in it also. A big thank you to our followers!!!

Now for the other part of this post: For Halloween I wanted my porch to be a black and white theme. I came up with this pumpkin to add to my porch decor.
I started with an orange pumpkin and spray painted it white, I then drew the words "boo" onto the pumpkin. I used black upholstery nails and pushed them into the pumpkin, following my pencil lines. I then added black ribbon and white tulle. This was such a super easy project and I love how it turned out.
I have a few more details to add to my porch and then it will be ready for me to show you.

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