Sunday, October 23, 2011

glass mosaics

I love Halloween and wanted a new and different item for Halloween. I had made a christmas tree a few years ago, so here is my verson of a pumpkin. While making mine, my girls wanted in on the fun, the next 3 pictures my girls did.

These next ones I just got carried away and wanted to see what I could make. Well I guess some of my Christmas is done. :)

They are really easy to make. You need a frame, colored glass, tacky glue, and a glass cutter.

I glued tin foil down on my glass then drew my picture that I wanted on the tin foil. Then I started cutting the colored glass to the size that I wanted. Dry 24 hrs, grout, let dry, then wipe clean. So easy.

My favorite


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  1. I love EVERY SINGLE ONE! It makes me want to go do some. I've always been scared to! These are so wonderful. You have some very talented girls as well. Each of their mosaics looks great too! I particularly love the ghost, snowman, candy corn and that Texas Longhorn!! :)