Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kesa's Horse Quilt

Kesa LOVES horses so I made her this quilt to go on her bed. She is so excited and I hope that it will help her want to sleep in her bed! :)
The horse fabric was expensive so I only bought 1 1/4 yards and then bought some matching plain colors. It needed more horses to break up the plain colors so I cut out individual horses and zig zagged them on to random squares. It was fast to put together and tie. To bind it I used the sandwich idea (top right side up and bottom right side down then batting, sew together leaving a hole to turn it right side out then hand stitch the hole closed.)

We were able to tie it in about 1/2 hour! It looks so cute on her bed with a pillow that is also pieced and I still need to make the dust ruffle out of the yellow color.


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