Monday, March 26, 2012

General Conference Activity Bags

General Conference is less than a week away and I am so excited for it and so are my kids. I wanted to share with you what I do for my youngest child to keep him interested in watching all four sessions. I started doing this activity about a year ago when he was four and he absolutely loves his Conference activity bags. When I started them a year ago I used brown paper bags and taped the General Authorities picture to the bag and then put an activity inside the bag. When a General Authority spoke he would find the picture on the bag and do the activity while he spoke. He would continue this with each speaker. It helped him recognized who the General Authorities are. I wanted to prefect my bags, the pictures would fall off and the paper bags get pretty hammered with little hands. So I came up with some with something I think is perfect for our Conference activity bags, and I am going to show you how I made them.
I started out with two pieces of felt per bag.
I cut 2" squares out of each corner.
Take one of the felt pieces and measure 7 1/2" from the cut out piece to the top and make a mark. Do the same thing on the other side.
From the mark measure 1" in and then draw a curve for the flap of the bag.
Do that to both sides and then cut following your lines.
On the second piece of felt measure from the top of the square cut out pieces (like you did above) and measure 7 1/2" to the top and make a mark. Do that on both sides and then cut across on your mark. (see bottom left picture).
Take your two pieces and put them together. Sew down both sides and on the bottom as shewn below.
Now open your bag, put the two seams together.
Sew across where you put the two seams together.
This is what it will look like after you sew across your seams. Do the same thing on the other side.
Turn your bag inside out and this is what is looks like.
Next I added Velcro to the bag.

I then cut a piece of plastic and hot glued it to the front of the bag. I tried sewing the plastic on, but it was a pain and didn't look good in the end so I opted to do hot glue.
I then inserted a picture of each General Authority into each plastic piece on each bag (15 in case you didn't know) I also made a couple of extra bags for when someone other than a General Authority speaks. I will also let my little guy choose to do an activity that he has already done if he so chooses during those speakers also. I found the printable cards here.
I love how they turned out and my little guy is so excited for Conference and keeps asking me if it's Conference time yet.
If you want to see what I put inside the bags go here.

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  1. These are great!! I love what you put in them--I need to get moving before this weekend!!


  2. What a darling idea! I now have to go see what you put inside the bags! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  3. This is such a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing :)

  4. Fabulous idea. Thank you for sharing. Next October since I know I can't make them in the next hour :)

  5. these are precious and you are one smart cookie!! thanks for sharing!

    Bonnie @ uncommon

  6. I love these! And you just gave me an idea for Young Women! Thanks!

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  8. Where did you find the plastic to put the pictures in?