Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Old Chair Turned into a Plant Holder

I have had this old chair that was pretty beaten up. The seat was falling of, one of the legs was falling off. But instead of throwing the chair away, I decided to make this for my front porch. And I love it! This is the old ugly chair.
Took the seat off (didn't have to do anything since it was just sitting on the chair).

I sanded and spray painted it. I then took chicken wire and placed it over the seat hole and stapled it.
I bought a coco liner and some flowers and potting soil and put together my flower pot arrangement. Placed it inside the chair and then tucked the remaining chicken wire under the already stapled wire.
Put it in it's new home, I love the bright color of the chair and the fun colors of the arrangement. I was needing something for my front porch and now I have this beauty.

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  1. I have been wanting to do this with a chair I got for a dollar. I got an old window screen at an auction for free and was going to use the screen as a base. I hope it works as good as the chicken wire. Yours looks too cool. My porch is tiny. so it would be perfect. Thanks for the great ideas.

  2. What a cool idea!! That could hold some neat stuff in other seasons too...maybe a basket of pumpkins and gourds in the coming months? ;) Visiting from The CSI Project! :)