Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fantastic Find

My Brother and Sister-in-law came to visit a couple of weeks ago and while they were here they showed me this awesome toothbrush/toothpaste and pouch. They got it at Target for .99 cents. Of course I had to go get me some for my family, especially with all the different places everyone is going to this summer. How great will that be for the kids, just grab the pouch and head to the bathroom - so EASY. They come in four different colors and I needed more than four, so to keep the confusion from someone else mistaking the wrong toothbrush (YUCK!) I labled them.
I typed and printed everyones first and last name, cut, pasted it to this piece and laminated it and then stuck it into the pouch.
I also made name tags with the first name on one side and the last name on the other side. I also laminated the tags, punched a hole and tied the ribbon and attached it to the pouch. Now everyone will know which toothbrush is theirs and we are set to go somewhere. YAY! Thanks Cherie for the great find!!

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