Thursday, April 22, 2010

Silk Flowers

While we were in Idaho over Spring Break, we started making these silk flowers. (When I say "we" It's my daughter and my nieces) I learned this fun idea from my neighbor Michelle. Thanks Michelle, we have had a ton of fun doing these. I went to Joann's in Logan and bought an 1/8 yard of silk material and I learned when the lady went to cut the fabric, that you want to buy 100% polyester. The polyester will melt, if it's not 100% polyester, then it will burn and give your edges a burned look. I also bought some glitter lacey fabric (so I'm not a seamstress so I don't know the names of fabric, but it's used for formal dresses) and used that with the solid silk material. I used a circle template and cut circles out of card stock for my pattern.
I then pinned my card stock circles to my fabric and cut circles. We did some all the same color, we did some alternating colors, you could do whatever.

Once the circles were cut we melted the edges with a candle. We held the material over the candle and would rotate it as it melted, some materials burned faster than others, so be careful.

Once I melted all of the circles for my flower, I used my hot glue gun and glued all of the layers together. I then added a gem in the middle of the flower. Put a clip on the back and now it will look beautiful in Kelsey's hair.

Here are some more that we did. We actually made three of each set. I will show you soon what we are going to do with the other two sets.

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