Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hemp Covered Easter Eggs

I made these balls awhile ago and wanted to do the same thing with Easter eggs.
I started by using a few of my plastic Easter eggs, some small, regular and large sizes.
So I have to apologize for the next couple of pictures, I couldn't get my camera to focus very good, so hopefully you can still follow what I did. I took my hemp and formed it into a circle and hot glued it to my plastic egg.

I then just kept gluing and wrapping the hemp around the egg in a circular motion.

Once I had my egg completely covered I finished the same way I started. I cut the hemp and tucked the end into the glue in a circle. Sorry the picture it so bad.

After I covered the eggs, I spray painted them. I did leave a few unpainted. Here's the finished project. LOVE them!

Here's another look.

Happy Creating!


  1. where did you find the different colored hemp?

  2. I spray painted the hemp, once the eggs were covered.