Friday, December 30, 2011

Craft Critters Top 10 of 2011

It has been a great year of crafting and making new friends. It has been fun going back through last years posts and seeing what your favorites have been. Here is the top 10 posts for 2011.
#10 Interchangeable Phrase Blocks

#9 Organized Game Closet

#8 Faux Cherry Blossoms

#7 Fabric Valentine Heart

#6 Shutter Wall Hanging

#5 Dinosaur Wall Art

#4 4X4 Christmas Presents

#3 Jute Pumpkins

#2 Gratitude Advent

#1 Hershey Nugget Scriptures
We look forward to another great year of crafting and making new friends! We have lots of new and fun things planned here on Craft Critters.
Happy New Year!!!!
Craft Critter Team

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