Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween Countdowns

I wanted to share these Halloween countdowns that I made last year, for those who didn't get to see them. My kids absolutely love them. The first one is this frame that has tootsie rolls tied on with ribbon, every day until Halloween a tootsie roll can be pulled off.

The next countdown my inspiration came from Heartland Paper. I did mine differently and made it my own. I made my pockets by cutting my scrapbook paper 6" long and then did them all different widths, some are 2" , 2 1/2", 3" 3 1/2" and 4".

I used paper that has a design on both sides. I took my strip of paper and folded it up to make a pocket and then stapled the sides together. I then decorated and added the numbers.
I didn't like how Heartland punched holes in their paper to run ribbon through. I was afraid it would rip and then all my hard work would be lost, so I decided to use clothes pin. I covered them with my matching paper.

I then measured my area that I was going to hang my banner to see how long I wanted my ribbon and then started clipping the pockets to my ribbon.

I then hung it up all in one long banner. Here is a look at some of the pockets.

I loved how it turned out and now each of the kids get to receive something everyday until Halloween.

Pictures with the pockets filled with goodies.

Hubby made this board for me for my Thanksgiving advent calendar. So I wanted to utilize this board. I love how it turned out. My kids are loving it too.

I started out by cutting my felt pieces 2 1/2" x 3" - I cut 62 of them.

I then took two of my pieces of felt and put them together, then using my pinking sheers I cut the top of the felt. I wanted my pockets to look like mini trick-or-treat bags.

I then took my embroidery thread and sewed the bag together leaving the top open.

I then decorated my little bag with stickers, I also used stickers for my numbers. Everything has stuck thus far, the things that weren't stickers I just used my glue gun to adhere those onto my felt.

Last thing was I added ribbon for the handle.

And there it is, ready to fill with treat, notes, coupons or whatever suites you and your family.
Love how it turned out.

Picture with the pockets filled.

Hope you enjoyed our fun Halloween Countdown! We are loving them!!

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  1. I love all of these! I may borrow the felt pocket idea for the Christmas advent I've been meaning to make!