Monday, July 4, 2011

Decorated Porch

I went to parents house for a week, and while we were there we (meaning lots of family members) cleaned off my parents porch and Meleese - my sis-in-law (who also is a craft critter) and I decorated my mom's porch. While cleaning the porch I took the box that you see and put it in the junk pile. Later I asked my mom if she wanted her porch decorated and if she did I would use the old box. The box had peeled paint all over it so I sanded it and was going to paint it white, but Meleese suggested just doing a paint wash on the box to give it a more rustic look. Meleese took green paint dumped it on a damp rag and wiped it all over the box. My mom has several old milk cans, so we just grabbed one and put on the porch and added some flowers. The crate was going to be thrown away and my mom asked if I wanted it, which I did. But we used it on the porch instead, which by the way I was totally o.k. with. Meleese stained the crate with a walnut stain. Meelese found the old bottle laying around and stuck it inside the crate. While we were at my parents I was cutting a ton of wood my dad has laying around for my daughters boutique she is having to raise money for her student ambassador trip to Europe next summer. One of the items that we are making are the candle sticks, so I I just added those to the box. The candle sticks were also stained in the walnut stain and then I wrapped jute around the candle sticks. The old shovel came from my grandpa's house, and I made the bead board flag, which is another item my daughter is selling at her boutique. We filled the old dented bucket with flowers. We are all so happy with the results. It's amazing what you can do with a little junk. The only cost to this project was the flowers and two plastic chairs.
My two boys sitting in the chairs enjoying the new decorated porch.

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