Tuesday, January 25, 2011

box of love

Box of Love!

During the month of February we will use this box (really simple to make) to share love and service with each other. The idea was in the February Friend. I kind of changed things a little to fit our family. All three of our kids sleep in the same room so we could not use the idea of hanging it on the door, so we will put it on the bed. We will all have the chance to do a simple act of service for someone and leave the box for them, we can put a note or treat or picture in the box. I made Olianna's bed for her and left a note and treat today. I am really hoping that this can bring some fun and unity into our family.

To make the box I just cut a 12x12 card stock in half - folded the sides to make a small box - then taped it together with clear packing tape to make it sturdy. I punched some holes in the sides and tied a ribbon on. SO simple and I hope that it will be fun for our family.


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