Friday, December 24, 2010

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas . . . .

I hope you have enjoyed our journey through our Twelve Days of Christmas. We always have so much fun with it.

Braxton made this clip board for Jaden. He mod podged the paper on the front of the clip board and tied ribbons to the top and then added Jaden's name.

He then flipped the clip board over and painted with chalk board paint. Jaden had so much fun with it today.

I made the pillow case for Kesley. She loved it, blue and green are her favorite colors.

Jaden gave the mini paint can full of candy to Stephen. Ya, I cheated, it's not homemade, I was going to decorate it with scrap book paper.

Stephen gave the flipz to me, one of my favorite!!

Kelsey made this paper wreath for Braxton.

When you push the wreath it turns into this. . .
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

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