Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Fun Birthday Party

For my birthday party we did water and summer activities. My mom had the idea to use beach balls for the invitations. I got the beach balls from the dollar store.

I blew them up and then wrote the information about the party on the beach ball and then delivered my cute invitations to my friends. They all loved it and made them really excited to come to my party.

We did some swimming activities and then had a water balloon fight. Made a fun yarn obstacle course by threading several different threads over under and everywhere and each person had to follow there piece of yarn where ever it went. At the end of the obstacle course were the party favors.

I put the silly string in so we could have a silly string fight - super fun with a bunch of screaming teen-age girls.

We had a spaghetti dinner and had a menu with summer words and each girl had to pick off the menu, but didn't know what they were getting. Some got noodles without sauce and some just got the sauce. These are some of the utensils they we used. Super fun, the girls thought it was fun. After a little bit we gave them a fork and everything to eat.

After dinner we watched a movie, ate popcorn and the candy in the party favors. It was a really fun birthday party.

The favorite thing of the whole party was the water weenies that I bought (could totally make these, but we ran out of time). I had one for each guest and they were able to take them home after we had a blast with them.

This is what the water weenie looks like before it is filled with water.
Filled with water. Don't you love my little brother's foot, he loved the water weenie too.

To make the water squirt, release the clamp and aim. See how easy it would be to make, it's an end to a pen, an IV clamp and a surgical tube.

Release the clamp and have a major water fight. We had so much fun with these.

Kelsey - Jr. Critter


  1. Where can I buy a Water Weenie. I had these as a kid. They are awesome. Where'd you get yours?

  2. I'm wondering the same thing!