Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Place Mat Bags

For the second day of UNFINISHED project week, is a bag made from place mats. During the summer we go to Idaho for a week and work on projects with our daughters. This was one of those projects. This bag Kelsey made out of two place mats, it's reversible - I forgot to take pictures of the inside. It is green with blue polka-dots. One that my niece made, she put beads on string and attached it with a button and used that as her handle. They all turned out so cute. This one I made with one place mat folded in half and I added the wood handles with ribbon.
This is the bag that never got finished. I bought these place mats because I thought it would make such a cute beach bag. And now that summer is getting closer and we will be going to the beach, I wanted to get this bag finally finished.
I took my two place mats and pinned my ribbon on the inside, since I thought the outside was so cute I didn't want the fish covered with ribbon. Once the ribbon was sewed on, I put the two placemats together with right sides together and sewed around the sides and bottom of the bag. I then took the bottom of the bag and made a triangle and sewed across to give the bag a bottom.
And here it is, ready for a trip to the beach.

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