Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chore chart

I have been doing a little organizing and have been going through the STACK - you know the UNFINISHED PROJECT stack. So this week I am going to be posting a few of those items. It will be so nice to have them done. Then I won't feel so guilty starting new projects (ha, ha). I love feeling organized and having more space. The first project I am going to show you, I started over two years ago, YIKES. I bought some vinyl for this chore chart, one for my friend for Christmas and a Family Home Evening for me and this Chore Chart for me. I did finish two of them immediately, but for some reason, this one has just sat. So it's time to get started and get this puppy finished.
I started with a 24" x 7" board. Cut tags out of really thin wood that I bought at a craft store.
Painted the board and tags.
Drilled holes in the tags.
Put the vinyl lettering on, tied knots at the end of jute and fed through the holes.

Put the vinyl on the board, and hammered in tack nails. On the other board I made, I used horse shoe nails - LOVE the horse shoe nails.
Hung the tags and it's ready to hang on a wall. I made five other tags, so each person will have two chores. Pretty easy- so sad it has taken me so long to get around to it.

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