Wednesday, April 21, 2010

End Table makeover

I bought this end table before I bought the old stereo in this post, but was so excited to get that one done and in it's place and once I finished the old stereo and loved how great it turned out, I immediately started on this end table. It was in pretty bad shape but I loved the character of it and knew it had potential.

I didn't Like the bottom piece on it I thought it was distracting and goofy looking, so hubby took it off for me.
After the bottom piece was taken off.

I cleaned it up and only primed the top. And then painted the whole thing black.

I then sanded the edges, which I love, it brings out the detail.

Isn't it pretty? I love re-doing furniture, now I really want to find a cute hutch to make over!


  1. Beautiful! It looks so much better with the bottom taken off. Good idea. And I love the black. So elegant.

  2. I agree.. The bottom needed to go. Much better. I love the character that the scuffing the edges makes.