Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday's Paper Craft Item - grocery list

So how cute is this?! Nicole always has cute things for us to make, she found the idea here. This was super easy and it could be made for anything; Christmas wish list, Honey do list, Shopping list, Craft list . . . you get the idea. Nicole bought the small memo pad at an office supply place and they cut it in half for her. We took a plain color of card stock and cut it 8 1/2"x 6 1/4". Score going down the long way of the card stock 3" from both sides. That gives enough room for the pad. We then cut a 1 1/4" strip and then made it long enough to wrap over the top of the memo pad onto the back. Using double stick tape, tape the book to the memo pad. We then decorated with cute paper. Anything goes. For the ribbon we used an exacto knife and made a slit for the ribbon to go through and then adhered it to the inside and front flap. Using a button we threaded embroidery thread through the holes and around the ribbon and tied it tight and it won't fall of. Cute idea! One of the other ladies came up with the idea to add ribbon for the pen. Do that part before taping the memo pad down. I will probably put some magnets on the back to hang from my fridge. If I put this in my purse it would totally get ruined. Such a cute idea!!! Thanks Nicole!!!

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