Friday, April 16, 2010

Creativity Class - Home is Where Our Story Begins

For this months creativity class we made metal plaque sayings. This one is a 9x9x1. and this on is a 4x4
I cut the wood 9x9, sanded and drilled holes for the handle

Painted it black,
Once the paint was dried I hammered upholstery nails in each corner to hold the metal saying.

I then took the two pieces of the ribbon threaded them through the holes and tied the metal hanger to to the wood plaque.
This is another saying.

And another.

The 4x4x2 was done the same pretty much the same way. I painted it, put the metal on with the upholstery nails.

Before I painted the wood I drilled a hole on top to put the finial in.

After it's all painted I glued the finial in and tied a ribbon around the finial.


  1. cute, where did you get the metal sayings?

  2. I got the metal sayings from Wood Connection.