Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and Jewelry Christmas Tree

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope you are having a great day and enjoying your families.

My mom made this jewelry Christmas tree years ago, it has been a favorite of mine. I loved every Christmas going into our living room and staring at it and looking at all of the jewelry and having my mom explain what each piece was and who it belonged to.

I started with a foam board and covered it with black velvet.
I then traced a pattern of a tree with chalk onto the velvet.
I don't have a picture of this next step, but you will need to hot glue a strand of white beads following your chalk line. (the chalk wipes off). Then following your tree pattern poke holes to put in your lights. You will need a 35 count light set. Once the holes have been made push your lights into the holes, starting at the top and working down so the cord will end at the bottom, making it so you can plug it in easy.
This is what the back looks like after the lights have been pushed in.
Now start filling in your tree with jewelry. I started this project years ago and ran out of jewelry. My mom gave me some of my grandma's jewelery. I was so excited to finally get this project done and display it, just like my mom.
This is what mine looks like all done. I love it, it has my jewelry, my mom's jewelry, and my grandma's jewelry on it.

This is what it looks like all lit up. This picture doesn't give it justice. My camera broke and I'm using a camera that's not the best. But believe me when I tell you that it is absolutely beautiful with the lights shining on the jewelry.

The next two pictures are my mom's tree. She has jewelry going down the tree and eventually I want mine to have the same thing, but I ran out of jewelry. So some day mine will be completely done, but for now I am extremely happy with how it turned out and done in time for Christmas.

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