Monday, April 18, 2011

Fun Dessert for Kids!!!!

Wow! I can't believe it has been three weeks since I have made a post. I am back and wanted to show you guys this really fun dessert that we made for Family Home Evening tonight. My ten year old was in charge of dessert and he had so much fun making it. You use a cake mix and put in individual bowls and everyone can choose how they want their cake. This one is rocky road, we also made chocolate-peanut butter swirl, chocalate-snickers and chocolate molten cake. It was fun to customized our own cakes. The kids thought they were pretty special to have their own cake cooked in their bowl.

How to make:

Pour 1/3 cup of water in individual bowl
Use a 1/2 cup of chocolate cake mix
Mix together and put in microwave for 95 seconds or until done.
Add toppings:
chopped Snickers, or milky way
Rocky road: marshmallows, chocolate chips, chopped nuts

You could get completely creative and probably do anything.
I think next time I might try graham crackers and marshmallow for a fun
smores cake.

For the molten cake do as instructed above, but before cooking add 1
tablespoon hot fuge and swirl in mix. Then cook.

For the chocolate-peanut butter cake follow the same as the molten cake,
except put 1 T. peanut butter in mix. Then cook. Have fun with your
kiddos making this. We sure did.

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