Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Babies 1st Year Wall Hanger and Book

I made this for my friend that is going to be having a baby boy - She is due on Thursday! I made it so she can hang this in the babies room and each month throughout the year she can put pictures and write down the babies monthly milestones - first smile, first time he rolls over, first tooth, etc.

The top row will have the babies info - his name, day and time he was born, height, weight and I want to take a picture of the baby and put it on one of the top squares also. The rest of the squares has the number for each month to write down the milestone and then a square next to it to put a picture.

After the baby's first year - I made it so my friend can turn it into a book by cutting the ribbon between rows and connecting the ends together and she will have a full year of pictures and milestone of her baby.

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