Thursday, July 15, 2010

Personalized Gifts Part Seven - Binders

Mom made these binders for the kids for their birthday, she made each one to match the kids interests and personalities.

cameo's kids


Antonio loves to build and help out dad. Carolee

Caitlynn's binder was the very first one my mom did, so hers is a little different than all the others, mom did paper piecing on all of the other binders. Caitlynn passed away a month before her fourth birthday, mom wasn't sure whether to give it to me or not, but she did and we used it at her funeral for guests to write their thoughts about Caitlynn, something that we will always cherish.Jaden loves dinosaurs, this was so perfect.
Braxton received a wish through Make-A-Wish and went to Disney World. This was perfect, plus I can't get this kid to stop writing. He loves to write - The perfect gift.

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