Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Personalized Gifts Part One - Plates, Bowls and Mugs

We created (meaining me and my sisters) this blog to show our different crafts to each other and anyone else that would like to see. We are still in the proccess in getting everyone on board (learning/teaching how to blog). The five girls are :
Caleen (me),
Cameo - she has made some posts,
Carolee - these next 12 posts will be her first. Carolee isn't much of a crafter, but she is a great cook so she will be posting some of her great recipes.
Meleese - has mad a few posts and is a sister-in-law, although she is like one of the sisters, Cherie - is a sister-in-law and hasn't done any posts yet, because she doesn't know how to blog, which she will soon be learning.
All of my family will be together for the next two weeks and we will get things going, but that means we won't have time to blog, so I thought I would show you our mom's creativity. Our mom makes our kids (her grandchildren) all of their gifts for Christmas and for their birthdays. She makes the extact its em for each of them, to make it fare for everyone . The next twelve posts will be the items she has made all of our children. I love the gifts she give to the kids. Having them made from Grandma makes it an even more specail gift, so much time and thought behind each gift and most of them she has personalized them by adding kids names to the item. They will be cherished for a long time. So to start our first post here are matching plates, bowls and cups mom made for each of the grandchildren. Because of the detail and cost of each she spread this out and gave one item for Christmas for three years. The kids absolutely LOVE them, they love having it personalized just for them.
Cameo's kids

These are the ones mom made for my kids.

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