Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Creativity Project - Block Picture Holder

For this months creativity class we made these picture holders. The pictures slide in the twirled wires like a paper clip. they are super easy to make. I took a 4" x 4" and cut it square, sanded, painted and then sanded the edges to give it a distressed look. I used a heavy gauged wire, using needle nose pliers I twisted the wire until the desired swirl. I drilled a hole in the block and using my hot glue gun I glued the wires into the hole. I tied a ribbon around the wires and I then glued buttons to the white flowers and glued the flowers to the block, then used a black upholstery tack and hammered it in the center of the red flower. And there you go completely done. So super easy!
Here is another one I did, just in a different color. These would be fun for kids to have in their room to put pictures of their friends.
On this one I used brads in the center of the pink flower.

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