Tuesday, June 15, 2010

B-B-Q Apron Gift Bag

I am so excited about this post. I created this bag all by myself. It's so exciting when the idea that's mulling around in my head actually turned out. In yesterday's post I told you that I wanted my kids to make their gifts for Father's day. I made this gift bag for my youngest and I will take him to the store and he can pick out what he wants to put in it. I know I am kind of over loading with Father's day gifts, but there's not a lot of ideas out there son hopefully this will help, so hang in there for one more post tomorrow. My daughter has another great Father's day idea she will be posting. I like when I see a cute template and can get it for free, so I will share my creation with you for free, please don't sell, but feel free to share.
I started out with 2 pieces of pattern paper. Score all four sides at 2".
On the bottom of one of your pieces, cut on the score line to make a flap.

On the other piece cut the whole square out where the score lines come together. I then drew my apron design, I just free handed it. Make sure when cutting out this part to go all the way to the top of your paper passing the score line. This score line will be folded under to make a nice clean edge at the top of your apron.
This is how it will look after it has been cut out.
The top piece folded over to make a nice clean edge.
I used the cut out pattern and traced it onto the second piece and cut it out.
This is what it should look like to this point.
Now take the piece that has the tabs and glue them together.
Take your other piece, glue and slide it into the the piece already assembled.
Now it's embellishing time. I cut a pocket at 2 3/4" x 3 1/2" added brad (I made it so it was a true pocket and something can be put in the pocket) I added eyelets and ribbon. There you have it. I love this and can't believe it came together. So exciting! Enjoy!

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