Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A wonderful heirloom

Our mom made these for each one of her grandchildren and the last name for each of her children for Christmas. She has 21 grandchildren and 6 children, what a busy little beaver. (She makes all the grandchildren their birthday and Christmas gifts, which I think is awesome). I asked her if she would be offended if I repainted them to match my home decor. She said it was fine and that she made them in a neutral color, because all of our homes decor are different and expected changes. So I repainted them and added different background to match each one of the kids' rooms. I was originally going to keep them together and have them in a grouping, but that didn't work out the way that I wanted, so they are now in each of the kids' rooms. I love how they are personalized for each one of the kids and something that they will cherish from grandma for a long time. Thanks mom!

I couldn't get Jaden's to turn out good when I took the picture, his background is a light blue and when I take the picture it's a big blur. But on the wall it looks great!

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