Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stenciled board

This is a fun way to have an antique saying. It has a different look to it that vinyl lettering, it was fun to make.
I made this one two years ago and wanted something on the back, so that I don't have to store it away for a year, and then all I need to do is flip it over when it's Christmas. And then when Christmas is over, I just flip it again and I have a cute saying for the rest of the year and I don't have to worry about storing a board. Yeah!

Supplies: Antique maroon acrylic paint, antique gold paint, antiquing medium (I use Folk are brand, purchased at a craft store.) A clear acrylic spray, stencil brush, stencils, I cut my saying out with my cricuit machine. I wanted to put two sayings on this one, so I adjusted the sizes to the way I wanted it to look. You don't have to do the double layer, single looks great two, what ever fits your liking.

Paint your board, let it dry, then place the stencil on the board, making sure it's centered, tape it down in place. (When I made my stencil the words don't fit on one piece of paper, so I did several and taped them together.)

For the center of the letters, I took a glue stick and glued it down, when done stenciling, it will pull up nicely, it may leave a little glue residue, but that will wipe off with a damp rag.

I took my antique gold and stenciled the word family.

Pull the stencil off, make sure that the paint is completely dry.

Then take your next stencil that you want on top and place it in the middle and centered, tape it down to secure. I also glued the centers of the letters down. It doesn't matter how small, it will work. My middle for the "v" was really tiny and it worked great gluing it and when I pulled it up, it looked great.

I then used black to stencil this part.

Pull the stencil off, I decided to add two stars on each end and did that at this point. This is what it will look like at this point.
I took my sander and lightly went over my whole board. Don't panic, it will look like you just ruined it, but you haven't.

Now I used my antiquing medium and painted the whole board.

Then I used a paper towel and rubbed it off. It gives it such a nice antique look.

This is what it looks like at this point . . . almost done.

Spray the whole thing with the acrylic clear coat spray. At this point you would put what ever you are going to hant it with on the back and you are done. Since I wanted to flip this over I amd usingthis hanger, so that I don't ruin either side trying to put a hook in.

I used ribbon and tied my hanger on.

All done. I love it!

Happy Creating!


  1. cute, I like that you can flip it over.

  2. Oh I love this! We have a few spare pieces of wood from our last project, so I think I'm gonna give it a shot!


  3. I love the way you do your signs. They look great